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Marine Products:


Soft Soap - paste: 02 SS
A thick and heavy paste soap used for cleaning boat decks, pots, garbage cans or any items requiring the use of a paste detergent.

Tee Pol I and Tee Pol II Cleaners: 02 TP
For use on boats for general cleaning in the galley. engine room, on floors, painted woodwork or as a deckwash. A fine all purpose cleaner.


A.P.R. Rig Wash: 08 RW
An all-purpose, heavy duty rig wash is designed to quickly clean those soils commonly found on offshore and inland drilling rigs. Effective in hot and cold water, it works like a degreaser to penetrate and break up greases and oils for easy rinse. It works like a solvent, yet without the hazards normally associated with solvent cleaners. Non-flammable and safe for use on all surfaces not harmed by water.

Essential Soap Scrub Powder: 08 SP
This concentrated scrub powder was formulated for efficient cleaning at a low, economical cost. General cleaning uses: boats, oil rigs, trucks, trailers, machine shops, shipyards, floors and walls, engine rooms and machinery.

Sea Suds - All Purpose Detergent: 08 SS
An economical, low-sudsing detergent for use in laundry or for general cleaning of boats, oil rigs, dredges, trucks, trailers, machine shops, etc.

Sodium Bisulfite: 08 SB
Also known as shrimp powder. Use with water as a dip for prevention of black spots on shrimp. DO NOT USE IN DRY FORM. Use solution not exceeding a strength of 1.25% (3.25 lbs. of powder dissolved in 30 pals. of cool to warm water is required to make up 1.25% solution) Use as a dip only and drain shrimp well.

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