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PHONE: (504) 734-SNEE (7633); TOLL FREE: 1(800)489-7633; FAX: (504)734-5221

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Snee Chemical trucks deliver freight-free to many Gulf Coast cities. 
Green stars indicate larger cities we deliver to, we also go to many places in between. To find out if you're near our route and eligible for our free delivery call our office at (504) 734-7633, or 1(800) 489-7633.

There is a $300 minimum for orders to be delivered by us free of charge.

End users, please contact one of our distributors.
Wholesale Only.

Customer Service survey results are in!!!
98.2% of Snee Customers rate overall performance
"Excellent" to "Good"!!!

Thanks for your support!

Contact information:
End Users Please Contact One of Our Distributors!
For Service, call us at: (504) 734-7633, or toll free : 1-800-489-7633.
To Send us a Fax, dial: (504) 734-5221, or use our toll free
fax line: 1-800-489-1321.

or email us: sales@snee,

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